larry elder*What is it about Larry Elder, the conservative radio talk show host on LA’s KABC who seems like he’d rather die and go to hell before he remotley showed a shred of compassion for another black person?

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As Kevin Ross of so hilariously puts it, he was the “outcast (who got) his ass kicked by all the black kids in high school and now he has an axe to grind with black people for the rest of his life.” 🙂

Anyway, Elder was on “Good Day LA” on Tuesday, where he offered his perspective on the case surrounding Trayvon Martin and his killer, George Zimmerman.

Elder, offered a perspective that shifted from the common narrative surrounding the teen’s death. Even 89 percent “Good Day LA” audience agreed that the Justice Department should look into the Trayvon Martin case. But of course Elder doesn’t see it that way. Basically, he doesn’t think it’s a criminal matter at all. In other words, George Zimmerman is not guilty of a crime.

“There’s a big outcry,” Elder observed, “and I think, for PR purposes, we have to look as if we’re concerned about whether or not this 17-year-old was killed.”

Host Jillian Reynolds took exception at his phrasing. “I hate the way you say ‘for PR purposes,’” she told him. “Come on, a child — maybe not a child, but a teenager was killed.”

“Well, why are we sure that the authorities in Florida are not investigating?” he asked. “Why are we sure that they’re not on top of it?” They are black law enforcement authorities and officials, he added, that are very concerned about this case. “The idea that Al Sharpton or the Congressional Black Caucus needs to yell and scream for the law enforcement authorities to do their job, I find offensive.

OK, we can’t take anymore. If you can stomach him, take a look.