maia campbell*Maia Campbell is coming back full force and ready to share her story.

The troubled actress says in a recent interview with Get Noticed Media that her life, as we’ve witnessed,  has not been a fairytale, and she has dealt with some serious demons.

While she’s getting ready to release her latest single, “Make Em Say,” she’s already looking ahead thinking about writing a book about her life called “Sagittarius.”

She plans to tell the world all of her business, from her battle with drugs to her rise and fall in the industry.

But that’s not all. Like a lot a black actors, she’s wants to work with Tyler Perry on a film based on her late mother Bebe Moore Campbell’s book “72 Hour Hold.”

The struggling actress also admits that she’s aware of being seen “out there”:

I know the last time everyone saw me, I was way out there on the other stretch of the road. I got myself together, I’ve been sober for two years and I’ve been stable and very [aware] of how this industry works. I’ve been in this industry since I was a little girl so I’m a professional. I am very able to jump back into these waters and swim deep and get it in. So let’s get it poppin’.”

Check out her interview: