*One of the biggest no-no’s amongst many daters is falling in love with someone who already has kids.

You know, you meet someone and everything is going well until they mention they have kids.

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But that shouldn’t be a deal breaker either, right?

Well, our partner site, Madame Noire, has decided to provide you with some tips on step motherhood or fatherhood if you are entering a relationship with a man or woman who already has kids.

Here’s tip #1:

1. Have Patience.

Relationships take time to build, so you can’t expect to be one big happy family overnight. A child may look at you as an ‘intruder’ or the ‘enemy’ right from the start – especially if they are very close to their biological mother and think you are trying to replace her. Most kids, no matter their age, want their biological parents to be together and will rebel against any newcomers. All you can do is try to create a warm, positive environment for the child and hope that time takes care of the rest.

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