melanie fiona*Melanie Fiona is doing big things this season with the release of her latest album, “The MF Life,” along with a recent appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

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Despite being the breakout artist she is, Fiona decided to take it easy this time around and do her own thing.

“I was actually pretty relaxed going into this album,” she said. Although she had some nervousness at the beginning of the recording process, the album preparation, two Grammy wins, and overall support from fans and peers pushed all of that anxiety to the wayside. “My confidence built actually the longer it took me to come out.”

This album is all about her experiences in life, love, struggle, and music. Jack Splash worked on the album with her, bringing out the best of her creativity.

“We get in there and we talk about life. We talk about experiences and relationships,” she explained. “The next thing you know, we’re sharing stories and putting them on paper as he plays music.” Melanie and Jack have worked together before, but you can hear their latest collaboration in their naughty song “Bones.”

Overall, Fiona is satisfied with her success as her music has a tendency to speak to the common folk.

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