Mark Geragos and Michael jackson

Mark Geragos behind Michael Jackson

*A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit that was pending against the owner of a defunct charter jet company that secretly recorded celebrity attorney Mark Geragos, his partner and Michael Jackson while aboard a flight to Santa Barbara. The Pop star was planning to turn himself in for child molestation charges.

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Geragos and his partner, Pat Harris, were awarded $2.5 million, but there’s one problem. The defendant, Jeffrey Borer is insolvent and won’t be able to pay up.

Borer attempted to sell the video that contained no audio, violating the privacy of everyone aboard, including Jackson.

The video was never released.

Back in 2010, an appeals court judge threw out the previous $20 million award to the attorneys, and offered them $750,000.

The plaintiffs commented that they were pleased with the amount because it would send a strong message.