michael jordan & yvette prieto*Michael Jordan began feeling a little lonely in his huge 32,000 square foot Chicago mansion before proposing to his longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto (pictured).

Now that he’s getting ready to settle down again, he’s moving out into a smaller more modest home but in a sunny suburb of Miami.

He just put the Chi-Town spot up for $29 million, but it’s fully furnished and includes a customized gate with his famous number, 23.

The two story fort of a home was built in 1995 and consists of nine bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms and four half baths, a full basketball court, an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor tennis court, and a driving range. Wow.

Jordan’s new home is an incredible down size with only three bedrooms and two baths. He only paid $281,000 for his spot in Miami. Read more about the home and see a photo of it  here.

We wouldn’t be surprised to find out it only temporary situation while he builds another opulent mansion in Florida.

michael jordan chicago mansion