*Los Angeles  – Wishing Well Studios and Will Daniels Music present the release of “Mr. President’s Girl,” the new single and tribute to the nation’s First Lady by Jazzy Rita Shelby.

The catchy tune was penned by Miss Shelby and collaborator Willie Daniels, and officially launches during Women’s History Month.

The song is produced by Michael Wells of Wishing Well Studios in Burbank, California. It features Jazzy Rita on lead, Rena Michal on background vocals, Willie Daniels on keys, Michael Wells on bass & guitar, along with the legendary Ray Crosley on the organ and Jimmy Watlington on drums.  Producer Michael Wells had this to say about navigating what is believed to be the first musical tribute to Michelle Obama:

“When Jazzy Rita presented the project, it was a no brainer.  I had worked with her and Willie as songwriters, as I have with many artists over the years.  I knew that it was not only a hit, but it was timely!  That’s the sort of thing that you cannot plan, you just go with it and make it work.”

“Mr. President’s Girl” celebrates a defining moment in history and its the backdrop for an awareness effort called the Lady FIRST Campaign.  It is a non-political, sentimental movement to celebrate First Lady Michelle Obama, and to encourage other women and girls to be FIRST in their own lives.  FIRST means: Fascinating, Intelligent, Realistic, Stylish and Tenacious.

According to Jazzy Rita: “This is our First Lady. This is our time.  This is her song, my song, our song!”

“Mr. President’s Girl” is driven by a punchy rhythm, great musicianship and vocals by Jazzy Rita and the debut of Rena Michal, who is the daughter of Lori Perry and niece of the famous Perri Sisters.  The track has history written all over it, beginning with a personal memento in song and escalating into a universal statement of love and beauty for all women.

Rita Shelby officially entered the music scene in 2008 with her debut album “A Date With A Song” on the SB Music Label. She is an actress, author, mother & contributing reporter for EURweb.com.

Listen to “Mr. President’s Girl”:

Already a host of women and organizations have embraced the song “Mr. President’s Girl,” and  the Lady FIRST campaign, among them are the CEO of www.MyLoveableLegs.com, The Women’s Theatre Festival of Memphis, Praise 98 FM air personality Lady Charmaine, Jazz Legacy Preservationist Linda Morgan, and the president of Chocolats du CaliBressan  Official Chocolates of the Lady FIRST campaign.  For more info please visit The Lady First blog  or RitaShelby.com.

In a matter of days radio is already quickly picking up on “Mr. President’s Girl” and see it as an upbeat track that will last through the years as an anthem perfect for female demos, which is historically significant of the cultural empowerment and diversity of our time.  Early radio activity includes WNAA- Greensboro; WQOX-Memphis; WUVS-Muskegon; WFKX-Jackson; KBMS-Portland; WZNJ-Birmingham; WTOY-Roanoke; KROV– San Antonio; KBWC-Marshall, TX; CJSF– Vancouver, CA; WGBM-Pittsburgh; KGRM-Grambling, Aligre FM, Paris, FR and 98.9 FM Aruba.  For Wishing Well Studios contact Michael Wells at (818)556-6070.

Photo by Bk Thomas, Make up by Edna Mae Sheen

For radio clearance or interviews contact: SB Media at [email protected]   Downloads are available at itunes and wherever digital music is sold.