lawrence o'donnell (empty chair)

Lawrence O'Donnell continues interview as George Zimmerman's attorney, Craig Sonner, runs out of studio

Let’s just get straight to it! Lawrence O’Donnell is kicking ass and taking names in the Trayvon Martin case.

If you don’t know who O’Donnell is, you soon will be delighted by the award winning writer and journalist as he rips apart the defense for George Zimmerman.

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O’Donnell scheduled George Zimmerman’s attorney Craig Sonner, and the alleged “good friend” Joe Oliver.

Well, both have shown to be some sort of plant in the George Zimmerman case. As O’Donnell prepared to grill Sonner and get the goods on why he feels Zimmerman has a defense for his actions, the cameras panned over to an empty chair.

Yes! The coward RAN out of the studio and refused to do the interview.

But O’Donnell was relentless. He unleashed his fury on the empty chair saying:
But Craig Sonner, the courageous defender of George Zimmerman who`s
been making the rounds on television since last week doing softball
interviews wherever he could find them, just walked out of our studio in
Orlando, refusing to do this show — refusing to face my questions because
he knew these questions were not going to be the questions he was facing
everywhere else he went. He wasn`t going to get out of here with an easy
interview where he would be let off the hook with his lawyerly questions.
At one point, he is reviewing a previous interview of Sonner and he was able to poke holes in it calling Sonner a “cowardly liar.” Check out that interview here: (more…)