Below, we’ve compiled a list of Trayvon Martin rallies and events being held across the country.


7 PM: One Hour Prayer Vigil at Allen Chapel AME Church (1203 Olive Ave) Coordinated by Allen Chapel Family.

7:17 PM: Million Hoodie March
– Meet at 30th St. Station and march to LOVE Park. Jazmin Sullivan is expected to attend.

6:30-7:30PM: Prayer Vigil at The Big Chair (2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE)
The National Black United Front will be holding a prayer vigil in support of Trayvon Martin & his family. We are asking Black people of all backgrounds to come and have an inter-faith memorial/prayer for the spirit of Trayvon Martin & his family. If you can please bring a candle, a picture of Trayvon or a picture of one of our own ancestors.  Drummers are welcomed also. Take the metro (Greenline) to the Anacostia stop. For more information please contact: [email protected] or 202-525-3449

7-9PM Chicago Million Hoodie March
Meet at Channel 7 studios on State and Lake and we will march to MP, march in and around MP, then move down Michigan Ave to the NBC studios, then back to Channel 7. Wear your hoodies, bring some Skittles and an Iced tea, make signs, be creative. We have a message to send!



12 NOON: New Black Panther Party Rally
: The New Black Panther Party will rally outside Sanford police headquarters at 815 West 13th Street in Sanford.

2-4PM: Stand up for Trayvon Justice Rally (Freedom Plaza – 14th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW)
Attire: All black or wear a hoodie. For more info contact [email protected]

Occupy the Hood Rally (Lafayette Park, next to the zoo)
Clever Speaks – Universal Zulu Nation Chapter 30: Come out to Lafayette Park in Norfolk this Saturday as we rally for justice & solidarity for Trayvon Martin & all families seeking justice. Help spread the word. Too Many Murders. Too Little Justice!!!!!”

NOON-3PM: Occupy Chicago and Occupy the Hood Rally
(Daley Plaza)
Join us as we march for Trayvon Martin on Saturday, 12PM, at Daley Plaza. Wear your hoodies! Bring the noise; demand justice! SPREAD THE WORD!


4PM: Justice for Trayvon Event at Greater Mt.Baker Baptist Church (2425 South Jackson St.)
Seattle NAACP, Mothers for Police Accountability, American Friends Service Committee, Martin Luther King Celebration Committee, Greater Mt. Baker Baptist Church and Social Equality Educators are rallying at 4PM and marching to MLK Memorial Park (2200 Martin Luther King Jr. Way) at 4:30PM.

3PM: Trayvon Martin Rally for Justice at Hemming Park, Downtown across from City Hall.
Please wear a hoodie to represent what Trayvon was wearing when he was killed. (From Sis. Ameena Shareef, [email protected]).



Justice for Trayvon Martin National March and Rally at Sanford City Hall (300 North Park Ave.)
Bring your voice and a bag of skittles. (

NOON-1PM: Emergency Scream-out
(cuz speaking just isn’t enuf) for Trayvon Martin and Ramarley Graham  at Hall of Justice (850 Bryant St.)
In solidarity with families and advocates in Florida who will be holding a rally for Trayvon Martin on the same day; speakers in S.F. include Denika Chapman, Mesha Irizarry, Lisa ‘Tiny’ Garcia, the welfareQUEENs and Poetas POBREs de POOR Magazine, which is sponsoring the event with the Idriss Stelley Foundation.

12:30-1:30PM: Remembering Our Lost at Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburgh Campus (5000 Forbes Ave.) on the Academic Mall (Main Lawn)
Please join the Black Graduate Student Organization at Carnegie Mellon University as we rally for justice and remembrance of Trayvon Martin. This event is open to the public and all university students in Pittsburgh. We seek justice, not only for his family and friends, but in honor of all racially profiled, stereotyped, and unjustly convicted citizens of this country, whose voices have long been suppressed and whose lives are often subject to overt discrimination and criminalization in a biased justice system. We are Trayvon. (From: Facebook By Brittany Claud)

6:30PM Vigil and Rally for Trayvon Martin at LOVE Park
“We want people to bring their passion but we don’t want it to be an angry mob,” said community activist Chris Norris, the rally organizer. “What we want to do is have this be a platform where we can talk about how we can use this to  leverage unity.”

4-5PM: Black Solidarity Rally for Trayvon Martin at the U.S. Dept of Justice (1425 New York Ave. NW).
Stand in Solidarity with forces around the country & let your voice be heard. Come out and put pressure on the US Dept. of Justice to prosecute George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. For more info visit:

6:30PM: Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin in Iowa City at Ped (Pedestrian) Mall downtown.
Throw on your hoodies and come gather at the Fountain Stage in the Iowa City Ped Mall to show your support for justice for Trayvon Martin. The event will include a moment of silence for Trayvon, several speakers from our community, a march for justice, and a speak-out where people can share their own experiences, thoughts, and feelings. A black person in a hoodie isn’t automatically “suspicious.” Let’s put an end to racial profiling! Trayvon was walking home from buying Skittles at the local store, so we encourage you to bring some Skittles with you as well!

5:30PM Justice for Trayvon Martin March in downtown Baltimore
The Baltimore Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the All Peoples Congress are holding a March, Speak Out and Vigil. The March will begin at McKeldin Square, Pratt & Light Streets. Demonstrators are asked to gather at 5PM. At 5:30, the SCLC will lead marchers to the Baltimore Police Headquarters on Fayette Street. Victims of police brutality from the Baltimore-Washington area, and activists working Shomrim case where a 15-year-old student was attacked in Northwest Baltimore will be publicly speaking around 6 P.M. The final leg is a march to the Baltimore City Hall (100 Holiday St.) where a vigil and rally will be conducted from 7-8PM. We encourage all groups and nationalities to come and stand against indifferent policing, police brutality, and racial intolerance. March participants are encouraged to wear hoods in solidarity with Trayvon Martin to take a stand against racial profiling. For more info, call 410-218-4835 or 410-500-2168.