nicki minage*Her name became bigger than life just a short time after she began to collaborate with major artists. The secret to her rise to success comes from hard work and laser focus on what she’s got to do, say critics.

Being one of the newer artists with an extreme style and loud hair colors, Minaj has seemed to rise up and stand out with her extremely animated music. She’s performed with the best and even picked fights with the legends.

But Minaj welcomes it all.

From the start, the artist has approached her music with the bad b*tch attitude and has run down anyone who stands in her way. She’s got the curves, the extreme looks and the sheer talent to mow down any competition. By this point, she’s in a category all her own.

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Her recent emergence of her alter ego, Roman, has taken her career in a whole new directions, and the haters are global. Yup, fuel for the soul.

She’s truly proven to her critics and fans that she’s a unique artist and there’s nothing or no one who can match what she does.

In only three years since the release of her mixtape, Minaj has raised the bar and set a new standard for femcees and Pop artists everywhere.

Bottom line, madame Minaj wouldn’t be the superstar she is today without her Twitter-obsessed fans. Her loyal supporters are comprised of two legions: The Roman Empire and the Barbz. While critics, haters and the clueless world might be puzzled by her antics and the ingredients that make up her rap recipe, her Roman Empire and Barbz eat it all up.

Hail the new Queen of Hip Hop!

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