"Leave it to Niecy" - TLC

*Niecy Nash is about to be everywhere.

The former star of Comedy Central’s “Reno 911”and Style network’s “Clean House” has in her future TV Land’s “Hot in Cleveland” spinoff “Have Faith” opposite Cedric the Entertainer, a new book in the works about love and relationships, and beginning this Sunday at 10 p.m., her new reality show – “Leave it to Niecy – will begin airing on TLC, the network that scored a ratings bonanza with her two-hour wedding special in June.

TLC prefers to call the new reality show a “docu-series,” giving a “fresh look at the reality format through the lens of a traditional sitcom.” Whatever the label, cameras will follow Niecy, her husband Jay Tucker and their blended family: her three children Dominic, Donielle, and Dia, and his son, Romallis, all from previous relationships, as well as her mother, Miss Margaret.

“I feel like you’ve seen a lot of different sides of me, but this time you get to see the side of me that’s a mother, and you also get to see the side of me that’s a wife, and that’s a different side,” she told TV critics. “I’m an open book. You know how I roll.”

Niecy Nash gives her husband Jay a kiss at the Los Angeles Lakers vs Miami Heat game at the Staples Center (March 5, 2012)

Production on the series began several months after their May wedding, and cameras show the newlyweds still adjusting to their new life together, particularly the blended family.  Also, Nash will be seen auditioning for “Have Faith” and working on her book, while Tucker, an electrical engineer, is just trying to keep everyone in line.

“Part of the process of being an engineer is being very analytical and being very measured when you’re doing things,” Jay told us. “I’m learning from my wife and the family that being in front of the camera is spontaneity, creativity, communication, all that stuff. So I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying being in a little role reversal, if you will.”

Below, Niecy admits she’s was a little worried about putting her children and their personal business on television, then scroll down to view the show’s trailer.