obama in chains*If President Obama isn’t the most disrespected president in U.S. history someone please explain to me who is.

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A North Carolina group is under fire after they posted a picture on their website of the president in S&M chains eating from a bucket of KFC chicken.

The group in question, the John Locke Foundation, claims the picture was posted on the site without the founder of the site’s knowledge.

That’s always the excuse.

Check out this excerpt from NewsOne and their reaction:

Critics are suspicious of the site’s slow reaction in taking the photo off their site, wondering why there were no registered complaints from readers, editors, or writers over the two days that it was posted.  Afterward, Hood relegated Servatius to the title of “freelance blogger.”  Yet the woman, who has since resigned from her position, seemed to have had a key leadership role at the company as the author of most of the blogs on the site.

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