octavia spencer & sherri shepherd

Octavia Spencer & Sherri Shepherd

*Oftentimes, people in the mainstream world get ethnic folk mixed up, thinking they’re the same people, even when they look nothing alike. A classic example of this has taken place with and Octavia Spencer felt obligated to clear things up.

In a “Dear Hollywood” letter post on Twitter, the newly named Oscar winner told her fans and followers that she and Sherri Shepherd are “not the same person, but we are dear friends, LOL.”

So how did this mix up even happen?

Shepherd told “The View” audience that while covering the red carpet at the Academy Awards, several celebrities approached the actress congratulating her for her “The Help” nomination for best supporting actress. Problem is, she wasn’t in the movie.

“So many people would say to me on the red carpet, ‘do you think you’re gonna win tonight?’ They thought I was Octavia Spencer,” Shepherd explained.

This isn’t the first time Spencer experienced a case of mistaken identity.

LMAO @SherriEShepherd: the yr Mo won, people told me i was great in Precious … loved when i threw the tv down the stairs,” Spencer later tweeted, referring to Mo’Nique’s role in the 2009 film, “Precious.”