rihanna*Rihanna is under the microscope … again, but this time about her health.

The Barbados native who is naturally curvy, is beginning to raise eye-brows because it looks like she keeps losing weight.

Since she usually wears just about nothing most of the time, it’s easy to notice subtle differences.

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Some recent photos shot by her other family, the paparazzi, caught her in a outfit that revealed her midriff along with some protruding hip bones.

But it’s no secret she’s losing weight. She shared on the Ryan Seacrest morning show on Thursday that she had to begin losing weight.

She’s on a Five Factor Diet and has a personal trainer who’s got her eating 5 small meals a day.

But sometimes she falls off the wagon. However, she can’t seem to stop losing weight she said.

“The Five Factor Diet has gone straight out the window ever since I went on tour. I mean, It’s difficult to have any kind of routine when your schedule is that crazy,” she said. “So I really have no idea how I’m continuously losing weight,” Rihanna admitted, acknowledging her thin frame.

“It’s actually pretty annoying, because now I don’t have a butt, and I have no boobs. I already had no boobs to start with. So annoying! and I’m eating everything!” Ri claimed.

Interestingly, Rihanna’s weight issue/concerns follow comments from her father, Ronald Fenty, who said he thought his daughter was looking “fat” the last time he saw her and that he’s glad she’s losing weight.

rihanna (skinny)