rihanna*Finally someone became bold enough to talk mess about Rihanna in a comedic way.

The celebrity, first of all, is one of those people that keeps her name in the headlines sometimes with the most ridiculous of matters. Her life is public. She knows no privacy.

So actress and comedian Darmirra Brunson couldn’t help herself in a parody video about the singer.

In the video clip, Burnson sports a blonde wig and wears all black to take on the troubled character, Rihanna.

She hits the studio to record and during the session, delivers some interesting conversation. “Where’s the alcohol?” she demands. “I asked you guys to bring it a long time ago!”

Later she gives an interview where she calls herself an “original artist” and crushes Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga for being the same. She then calls them “Nickatygaga.”

Oh but that’s not all. She then gets on the phone with Perry and shares her sexual feelings for her fellow singer.

It’s pretty hilarious.

Watch ‘S— Rihanna Says’