sue simmons (save sue)*As we reported, veteran New York news anchor Sue Simmons was given her walking papers by WNBC/4 after 32 years of being being the stations number one newscaster.

Well, apparently Simmons’ fans aren’t taking her firing as another “oh, well” moment and have stated various “Save Simmons” petitions via the internet, according to

Save Sue, The Tumblr. Mission statement:

Rallying New Yorkers to keep beloved city icon Sue Simmons on the air. Email favorite Sue memories to [email protected]


Save Sue Simmons, the (unaffiliated with Save Sue) Facebook group. Mission statement:

Sue Simmons is a NYC legend who recently failed to have her contract renewed by NBC-4. She was a pioneer in television journalism and is effortlessly cool. Please like this page if you want to see our delightfully imperfect Sue remain on the airwaves.

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