redefining diva (cover)*Sheryl Lee Ralph has been around for a minute or two and has seen quite a few things in the industry.

The original Dream Girl and mother of “Moesha” has come out about the dark spots in her career, including beefs with Diana Ross and Brandy.

In her new book, a candid memoir, “Redefining Diva: Life Lessons From the Original Dreamgirl,” she reveals that Ross wasn’t very thrilled about her “Dreamgirls” character, which was loosely based on the diva. Working with Brandy wasn’t all that pleasant either.

“I hope that folks understand that no matter what, I have great admiration for Diana Ross and Brandy. But you know how you have a family of people and sometimes you get on each other’s nerves? That does not mean I love you any less. It’s just that we had a run-in right there and it was very real. It will either bring us closer together or it will move us further apart,” she told

Further, she lamented that some of the things that happened on the show were really a reflection of her life in the industry, explaining that more often than not, her opinions didn’t seem to matter.

“It started with a lot of things I didn’t agree with. But I’ve had to deal with a different phenomenon my whole life and that’s been people saying to me, ‘Just shut up.’ Stars don’t have a point a view. Shut up, you’re beautiful, can’t you just be satisfied with that? Shut up, why do you always have to have an opinion about things? It’s a constant I’ve learned the hard way. Sometimes doing the right thing or standing up for yourself doesn’t really matter.”

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