Sissy Rich*Hip Hop has been making a more feminine transition lately, and we’re not talking about the female kind. Break out gay rapper, Sissy Rich is telling the world who he is with his music.

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With a strong fan base, Rich is a hero of sorts for some in the LGBT community. He’s declared himself the “world’s first (openly) gay rapper.” The rapper calls his work “homo hip hop.”

The lyrics are just that. He’s proud of his sexuality and isn’t afraid to show it.

Rich is a 21-year-old proudly gay young man who is out to prove to the world it doesn’t matter what’s between your legs – talent is talent.

“My mission and goal is to prove to the world that the rap game isn’t just made for heterosexuals and that talent is talent regardless of who and how you love!” asserts Sissy Rich. “I’m keeping it real with my name, yes – they call me ‘sissy’ and yes – I’m gonna be rich! But it shouldn’t matter about race or sexuality. Music is for everybody!”

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Rich got his start after his YouTube videos went viral. Now he’s a growing pop/hip hop sensation among his fan base and beyond.

A native of Miami, now residing between Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL, Sissy Rich, like so many same gender loving individuals, suffered shame, discrimination and abuse while growing up. He was ridiculed in school and almost didn’t finish high school. With the support of his mother, he transferred locations several times before successfully securing his degree with honors, reads his press release.

“So many of us are in pain,” reveals Sissy Rich. “I am bombarded with Facebook messages and tweets of support literally from around the world. I never realized I was a voice for so many. They listen to my music and thank me for being brave enough to honor who I am! But this is just the beginning! I am a Gay Rapper for real! It is not a marketing ploy or just the name of new CD! I am a Gay Rapper and I’m plan to blow up the hip hop game! It is our time!”

In a show of commitment, Sissy Rich has pledged to donate 40% of the proceeds from the sale of the single to The Center – The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center of Central Florida.  The Center, located in Orlando, FL, will celebrate 35 years as an organizing force within the LGBT community.  It is a crucial source for information, education, advocacy and support and offers a variety of support and social programs including AA, AL-Anon, NA, HIV+ and transgender support groups along with counseling for individuals and couples.  Over 30 various social/support groups meet at The Center each month, of which seven are 12 Step programs.  The Center serves more than 15,000 individuals a year through its doors and over 8,000 a month online.

“In the hip hop world, it takes both extraordinary talent and confidence to succeed…Sissy Rich possesses both and The Center is honored to be the recipient of his generosity,” states Randy Stephens, executive director of The Center. “We applaud Sissy Rich in his gallant effort to bring attention to our community and cause.”

If you’re so inclined, get to know Sissy Rich at  then contribute to a good cause while downloading “Party (I Just Wanna)” at iTunes.

In the meantime, check out the Sissy man do some freestyle spittin’ on “Right Thurr” Be advised it’s kinda NSFW. Otherwise, enjoy. 🙂