star jones*Star Jones isn’t well liked by those she’s crossed paths with in the past. She appeared on “The Rosie Show” recently and discussed her experience on “The View.”

She revealed that during her latest appearance on the show, she felt set up.

Rosie called it an ambush.

“Ambush is a really tough word,” Jones said. “However, I think they obviously had a plan of what they wanted to accomplish.”

But Star came on the show to talk about some serious issues that are affecting women everywhere.

Her goal was to bring awareness to the dangers of women hit with heart disease via the Go Red campaign.

She did admit however, being there was a very trying hour.

“No matter what happens, we can’t lie,” Jones said. “You can’t look me in the face and say that Barbara Walters is not one of the major reasons that we can do what we do. Because she paved the way. And so, you know what? I’m gonna give her a little bit of a pass.”