steve harvey (and female-dreamers)*Not only was Steve Harvey on hand to mentor 100 youth selected by his program to go to Disney World in Orlando, Fl. for his 5th Annual Disney Dreamer’s  – Academy, but he also had a word for parents.

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He says that with all his kids, every month he sits them all down individually and talks to them about their dreams.  He says he doesn’t use it as a teaching moment – he just wants to talk about their dreams.  Here’s what else he recommends parents do where their children are concerned:

“I do three things, first of all there’s a website that you can go to and you can purchase software where you put it on your kid’s computer and every time your child goes on the computer and logs on you get an email.  I recommend that you find that because it helps you with parenting because the Internet has made parenting awfully difficult now days.”

Harvey also says parents should get GPS phone locater apps on their child’s cell phone.  Lastly, Steve tells parents to just encourage them about their dreams every 30 days.

Meanwhile, by the last day of Disney’s Dreamer’s Academy – all the Dreamers that Harvey selected for his program were inspired to go out and follow their dreams, including Palmdale, CA high school senior Jose Favela, Jr.  He says when he came to the Dreamer’s Academy he wanted to focus on civil engineering. However, inspired to follow his dreams – he’s decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

About the Dreamer’s Academy Favela says:

“This is an amazing experience that Steve Harvey gave us … actually I think it should be open to a lot of kids because they need to hear this so it could open their mind – and they could actually believe in their dreams.”