sue simmons*The drama surrounding Sue Simmons continues.

Colleagues of the embattled 68-year-old WNBC anchor are reacting after The New York Post published an article with the first line that read, “There were 5 million reasons to oust Sue Simmons – and they were all in her paycheck.”

The article asserted that WNBC/Channel 4 “refused to renew the nightly news anchor’s contract because she makes a whopping $5 million annual salary – which her bosses feel is absurdly overinflated – and she’s lost interest in her job.”

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But Journal-isms, quoting industry newsletter FTVLive, says WNBC staffers aren’t seeing the truth in that story.

“Sources tell FTVLive that a number of newsroom staffers at WNBC are furious at station brass for the management-fed character assassination of beloved anchor Sue Simmons in Thursday’s New York Post.

“The story was filled with anonymous quotes from ‘station executives,’ ‘direct managers,’ and other bosses. It painted a picture of an old, disinterested Simmons, and even insinuated she has an alcohol problem. Except nothing in the article is true. And now station employees worry that if management could pull a hatchet job like this on a 32 year employee who is number one in the ratings, what could they do to the rest of the staff?”

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The source continued saying that the salary allegations are more than exaggerated as well, saying that a $5 million salary is quite absurd.

“The FTVLive article quoted management sources as saying Simmons earns $5 million per year. Insiders tell FTVLive that ‘number is preposterous.’ Sources say that Simmons’ pay was cut last year when she was taken off the 6PM news. The decreased work load reflected her decreased pay. Why else would co-anchor Chuck Scarborough continue to anchor the 6PM news solo? You would think if NBC paid Simmons $5 million dollars per year they would ask her to do as many shows as possible. The 6PM ratings could sorely benefit from the team of Chuck and Sue. But Sue’s current contract is about less work for much less pay. Nonetheless, management allowed the Post to print the unheard of salary of $5 million per year.”

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