sue simmons*So now we know why NBC/4, New York, anchor Sue Simmons is about to join the jobless.

At first some were confused and bit offended since she’s a well loved anchor and popular among her viewers. But it looks like she’s a bit too pricey for the network.

Miss Simmons’ salary of $5 million a year was hurting the bottom line

“It is a lot of money, and many people have been under the impression that Sue had been phoning it in for a while,” a station source revealed to the New York Post.

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The source also said she apparently lost interest in her job.

“She had this attitude like, ‘I’ve worked hard for all these years to get to this point, and I’ve done enough,’ ” said another top station source.

Speaking of jobs, network executives not only care about saving money, they’re interested in saving jobs. Since Simmons was sucking a huge chunk of their budget, they figure cutting her out of the equation can keep quite a few other on staff.

Simmons, as we reported,  is 68 and has given 32 years of her life to WNBC’s nightly local news.