karrine steffans*After going off on Twitter about her relationship and being a slave to her new husband, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans decided she wanted to clear up the post that had so many heads turning and jaws dropping.

Before we get into her clarifications, she previously ranted about how her presumed man is a leach and using her up, his sex sucks, his manhood is insignificant, and “his favorite rapper beat it up on Friday.”

She went on and on, crushing her man, so most of us thought.

However, she told the world the rant was not a reflection of her life at the moment. In fact, it was just for entertainment.

“Ppl who started following this new accnt b4 this wk know I have RANDOM rants. This is all for entertainment & does not reflect my life… Usually I do this during #twittersfterdark but was inspired earlier in the day by the books I’m publishing & writing… True, I can relate to MANY of my tweets, just as you can, but they are not meant to be autobiographical all the time… My job is to entertain thru, whether in books or on Twitter. I like to keep ppl guessing but pls don’t assume u know what I’m talking about I never once mentioned my husband. I can’t deny or confirm that fact, not on twitter. All I can do is continue writing my next book… This book can be fiction or non-fiction. So can these tweets. You can’t be sure &, as an author, this is part of my job. To just entertain. It would be best advised that you don’t take the internet or everything I say & do so seriously. We’re all just having fun here. Enjoy!”

Well, that’s better, eh?