karrine steffans*Hey, have you heard?

One of the world’s most infamous sex kittens, Karrine Steffans a/k/a Superhead, is having troubles in the bedroom? But it’s at no fault of her own, if you believe her.

Just months after exploding with excitement and sharing pictures of her recent wedding, she went public with her complaints about the sex and is overwhelmed with tragic feelings from her so-called marriage.

“Alone, I am a superhero. With you, I am a mere mortal,” Karrine stated Tuesday on Twitter. “You deplete me. I’m tired of being your upgrade. We are not equally yoked. You really deserve someone more basic.” And by “basic,” Karrine suggested that her man hook up with the girl who bags their groceries because “that’s more your speed.”

(insert laugh track)

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But that wasn’t all. She went on to say she’s tired of her husband’s mediocrity and that he’s a leach in her life, draining her resources and time and energy. Oh and she didn’t stop there. She had to talk about the man’s manhood.

“I’m tired of pretending your d-ck isn’t the smallest d-ck I’ve ever seen in my life. Cuz it is. I’m tired of pretending I have a headache every time you wanna fuck,” Karrine wrote, confessing that she’s gone outside of the marriage for some decent sex. “I’m tired of pretending your favorite rapper didn’t just beat it up on Friday.”

What can a man do? She’s been with everyone in the industry, the best, the worst, and the strangest. To come up short means a lot.

She goes on and on about how much she doesn’t like him and hates the sex. Does someone feel a divorce coming on?

Does anybody really give a rat’s arse?