tamar braxton*Tamar Braxton is ready to step out on her own with the latest project and reality television show, “Tamar & Vince.”

“On Braxton Family Values I am a sister, but on this show, it will be a whole different Tamar,” says Braxton. “Because I am his wife, I am successful and it’s a whole other different lifestyle.”

She added that this show biz stuff is what she’s all about.

“I was made for this,” Braxton tells BET.com. “I always lived like I was going to be a very famous singer not because I wanted to be famous, but because I wanted to be respected for my hard work. So I look forward to all the work.”

The show premieres in the fall of this year.

Also in the TV sector, former Charlie’s Angel, Annie Ilonzeh (below), will be heading back to the small screen for a sci-fi pilot called “The Arrow .”

The series is about man who has secret superpowers.

The future of the drama is not yet determined, but if it gets picked as a regular series, the star will have a reoccurring role.

“I don’t have any superpowers, but I’d love to get in there and find out [eventually that] my character has some, too,” says Ilonzeh. But even if there are no powers on her horizon, you can still expect her to bring some TV pain. “I’m a tomboy and I like to kick some a**,” she says with a laugh. “So if you randomly see a little leg kick [in a scene], that means I couldn’t help myself.”

annie ilonzeh