tim tebow

Tim Tebow

Here’s a sports quickie.

The Denver Broncos traded quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets today for a fourth-round draft pick a day after the Broncos signed Peyton Manning to a five-year, $96-million contract.

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With the Jets, Tebow will have to compete with Mark Sanchez for a starting job. Sanchez threw seven interceptions in his last games as the team fell apart in the midst of a playoff race. The Jets finished the season 8-8, with losses to the eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants and the hapless Miami Dolphins keeping the Jets from playoff contention.

Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie does not approve of the move. He tweeted:

Y bring Tebow in when we need to bring in more Weapons for @Mark_Sanchez let’s build the team around him. We already signed to 3 year ext.

In fact, the Jets just  signed Sanchez to a three-year extension on March 10. The drama has begun. 🙁

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