*The murder of Trayvon Martin has captured the attention of the national public as many believe another young black boy was innocently murdered by a racist white man.

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After the police tapes were released this past weekend, George Zimmerman’s claim that Martin looked suspicious made clearer the perceived threat many whites believe black boys and men pose to them.

Now, many are just waiting to see what will happen to Zimmerman who hasn’t been arrested yet.

Our partner site, NewsOne.com, took a look at 7 killings committed by white men against black boys or men.

Here’s an excerpt:

There are many other stories of White-on-Black murder. For example, the New York Times ran a story about seven Black men killed by Miami Police within an eight-month time span in 2011.

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) investigated 385 cases in 2009, in which law enforcement officials were accused of abusing their authority.

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