al sharpton sybrina martin ben crump*The Trayvon Martin case continues to take twists and turns from all directions.

Just last night, video was released of George Zimmerman after his arrest and showed no blood nor bruises on a man who says he was brutally attacked.

There have also been reports of new evidence in the case in which authorities are leaking that Martin fought back or was the first to attack.

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The stories are all mixed up at this point.

But what we haven’t seen much of is reflection on many of the marches and protests. But we have one here from our partner over at NewsOne. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve taken on many assignments as a writer, mostly music-related events. I’ve covered happenings on the Hill in my native Washington, approaching my work with professionalism and seriousness. Traveling to the city of Sanford on Monday, however, may have been one of most-transformative assignments I’ve had as a writer. I was on hand at the Trayvon MartinMarch For Justiceled by Baltimore pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant, and I walked away from the event inspired by the unity I witnessed.

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