Tyler Perry*Move over Tyler Perry, Betty White is taking the lead.

The 90-year-old queen of comedy is still the most appealing star according to the latest polls. She won the ‘audience appeal’ award of 2011 while Tyler Perry suffered a setback recently in a celebrity poll, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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White was has been on top of the popular list for two years in the row. Perry, however, suffered with a loss in popularity, down 14 points.

“He declined from a very high level. He was very popular in 2010,” said Randy Parker, a spokesman for E-Poll, which found only 20 percent of respondents like Perry a lot. White, by contrast, had 53 percent say they liked her very much.

Perry’s ‘E-score’ was 77 out of 100. Reasons for the drop could include a dying appreciation for his art that in some opinions demean Black people.

But he seems to be maintaining a strong fan base with strong turn out at the box office.

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