tyrese gibson*Tyrese is a sexy dude one couldn’t imagine being alone.

Rumors started to spread recently that he and his music video co-star Chili were getting things heated up on and off the set. But the singer clarified, saying the two remain good friends, and that’s it.

“Oh yeah, Chilli’s pregnant! I’m just playing. That’s a good friend of mine. We’ve known each other for many years,” he said. “I think there are only so many female entertainers left who are sweet, innocent, not jaded, who have natural beauty without implants and assistance. Doesn’t matter what camera angle you shoot them at, they’re just beautiful, and that’s who she is to me. And the fact that we already had a rapport and an energy about us, I just thought she was the perfect girl for the video. Things got real heated on the set, but we were just doing our jobs.”

Sure… Two beautiful people getting steamy on the set… Hard to believe.

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