*President Obama’s 17-minute campaign documentary, “The Road We’ve Traveled,” is now available to view in its entirety online. [Scroll down to watch.]

Directed by Oscar-winner “An Inconvenient Truth” helmer Davis Guggeinheim and narrated by Tom Hanks, the short was serves to remind voters of the crisis the President inherited when he took office.

It begins with the financial collapse of fall 2008, and the President-elect’s summoning of worldwide economic leaders, taking viewers back to the brink of fiscal chaos that had every American afraid of the future.

Mixing speeches and narration, and then moving on to the various pitched battles against a Republican Party determined to scuttle his plans for Health Reform and other big, progressive accomplishments, the film casts Obama as an outsider fighting against the inefficiencies of a broken system he had hoped to mend.

Watch in its entirety below.