wendy williams*You know what, sometimes Wendy Williams lends some very reasonable advice. At least some would agree it’s reasonable.

As usual, the talk show host shared some of her thoughts about the latest gossip, particularly the Rihanna and Chris Brown reunion.

She basically said the two need to keep it professional.

“Now, if they’re going to do music together, fine,” Williams told The Hollywood Reporter. “[But] please don’t go back to him romantically speaking. The girl is too young to be giving a woman-beater a second chance.”

The twosome released singles on the same day and even did a collaboration remix for Rihanna’s single, “Birthday Cake.”

Some wondered and are still wondering are the two kissing and making up?

“I understand that people rebuild their lives and that people change and we have all fallen down at some point and gotten back up and deserve forgiveness,” Williams said.” But I don’t think that while you’re in your twenties and you don’t own property together, and you have no kids, and you don’t own animals together, that you’re supposed to be living the life of a 38-year-old married woman who’s having problems with her husband. You know I just think that Rihanna needs a fresh start and it’s not with Chris Brown.”

They’ve been publicly flirting and dropping hints at rekindling their relationship.

Wendy continued, saying she thinks the two were too engaged in one another for their age. She said it’s time to move on and make life happen.

“I wish Chris well and I think he’s very, very talented, but first of all I think these two were too deeply in love and I don’t think that deep love is for somebody in their twenties,” Williams says of the hot topic, which she often discusses on The Wendy Williams Show. “I think that that’s the time that you’re supposed to be dipping it, doing it, doing you, and taking advantage of your career and all the opportunities that your career has to offer, and then you fall into deep love…in your thirties. Color me corny, but that’s my opinion. Too much love too fast.”

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