*Women’s History Month has been a tough one for females of all background.

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When you think of what’s gone on this month from Rush Limbaugh’s crazy comments about Sandra Fluke and contraception; to the comments made by Too Short on how to teach young kids how to be pimps and mack girls, we wonder what level of respect our country really has for us.

The Republicans in this country continue to try to tell women what they should and shouldn’t do with their bodies and it’s wrong.

Check out an excerpt from a piece by Tamika Mallory of the National Action Network where she speaks on these issues:

March is synonymous with Women’s History Month.  It’s something we’re all very aware of and something which we openly recognize and celebrate.  But during a month in which the extraordinary accomplishments of females should be honored, we’re finding a virtual war on women instead.  From a Governor proposing required “vaginal exams” to restraints on access to birth control and Rush Limbaugh’s vile comments, attacks on women and our liberties have reached disturbing new levels.

And it’s not just conservatives either.  Just last month, rapper Too Shortdelivered a recorded video message to young middle school boys on ‘how to turn girls out.’  It’s a sad state of affairs, and as the Mothers, sisters, and wives who make up the majority of our population, we’re just not going to tolerate it anymore.

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