*It’s “Are We Alone?” month on Discovery’s Science Channel, which means its programming throughout March will explore the prospect of life forms beyond earth’s atmosphere.

Yes, aliens.

The Science Channel series “Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman” contributes to the month with a special episode titled, “Will We Survive First Contact?” In it, Freeman guides viewers through the prospect that we are not alone in the universe, and shows the creative ways scientists are narrowing their search for extraterrestrial life to find out if aliens might be friend or foe. [Scroll down to watch the promo.]

Producers of “Through the Wormhole” seek to make science a fun and interesting subject that draws viewers of all ages, but Freeman, like President Obama, believes it’s important to get children and teens engaged in science, to ensure future generations will remain competitive globally.

“I go along with the President. We really do need to inculcate more science and technology interest among our young people,” Freeman told TV critics. “Otherwise, we’re going to fall way behind in the global science community. One of the perks that we have, I suppose, on ‘Through the Wormhole’ is that we have a rather large youth audience. It makes us very proud.”

Freeman admits he wasn’t much into science in high school – that is until he learned about “wormhole travel” and got his mind blown in a high school physics class.

“I remember reading a book called ‘Down below Station’ that dealt a lot with space travel,” he said. “This was wormhole travel, that you could reach a certain speed and be anywhere in the universe you wanted to be.”

“There is science and science and science. And science and science I just never did get – biology, chemistry,” he continued. “But I had a class in physics, and I blossomed there in high school. The science of physics is so much different than any other science that I’ve been exposed to. And I just found it very, very fascinating.

“The questions that you can ask in physics and most of what’s going on in physics is around trying to answer questions. We don’t really have a lot of answers. We have more questions in physics than we do answers.”

The episode “Will We Survive First Contact?” airs Tuesday, March 13 at 7 p.m. Watch the promo below.