*We at EURweb are thankful for all the loyal fans we have who visit our site for their news on a daily basis.*

Entering the last day of February, we have had our most successful month ever with over a million new visitors. Our coverage of Whitney Houston’s death and other events have led the way.

We are reaching out to all our visitors who want to build their online writing portfolio. We are looking for opinion submissions on current news topics, mostly based in the entertainment field as well as black/urban culture in general. They can be personal pieces that relate to something going on in entertainment and or black/urban culture that you went through. For example, you can write a post on natural hair and how Viola Davis possibly inspired you to go natural. Or how Whitney Houston’s death affected you. Or even how you may be like a Basketball Wife and dated a star baller once.

While the writing submissions are unpaid, your writing will be exposed to thousands of visitors on our site daily and close to a million monthly. Your piece of writing may be linked out to by other web publications.

Feel free to submit your completed pitches to [email protected] and we will promptly reply with whether we will accept the piece or not.