joe oliver*Our Morning Mess today is a little different but it still some mess. In fact, it’s major mess and it comes from our EURthisNthat.

Tuesday night, this guy named Joe Oliver went on MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.” And yes, we’re talking about that Joe Oliver, the black man who came from out of nowhere to defend his “friend” George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin.

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O’Donnell, along with NY Times columnist Charles Blow, and Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, went in on him with facts and in practically no time at all Oliver began to unravel and sound like a complete nitwit!  Dude is all over the place as O’Donnell knocked Oliver off balance by telling him that he (O’Donnell) had discovered that Oliver and Zimmerman were once co-workers, which contradicted Oliver’s initial claim that they only knew each other via social circles.  Oliver really started backpedalling after that revelation. It seemed as though he was surprised to be told himself that he once worked with Zimmerman.  Basically, O’Donnell caught Oliver in a lie of omission.   O’Donnell also brought out Zimmerman’s past arrests, and how the former fiancé pressed charges on Zimmerman for domestic abuse.

By Oliver’s own admission, he has not even seen Zimmerman since a week or so before the shooting.  He talked to Zimmerman by telephone.  Therefore, how can Oliver really know Zimmerman’s physical condition right now?  And why would Oliver, by his own admission, quit his job to go on a PR tour for Zimmerman?  This guy seems to be a nutcase glory hound who just wants publicity.  When O’Donnell told him what he’s doing makes no sense, all Oliver could do was sit there with a weird grin on his face and say he understands that his actions make no sense.

If it wasn’t morning time, we’d tell you to get out your popcorn and sit back and check the mess that Joe Oliver has gotten himself into, HERE  (at

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