*The brother of the man who shot unarmed teen Trayvon Martin is the latest to come forward in his defense, saying his brother George Zimmerman would be dead or in a wheelchair had he not shot Trayvon.

Robert Zimmerman Jr. was a guest on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” on Thursday to attempt to justify his brother’s shooting of Martin on Feb. 26.  Basing his statements on what his brother told the family about what happened, Robert Jr. said Trayvon had threatened George and was trying to get the 28-year-old’s handgun as the two struggled.

“There would have been George dead had he not acted decisively and instantaneously in that moment when he was being disarmed,” Robert told Morgan.

“This is a tragedy. Her son was lost,” he said trying to send a message to Martin’s mother. “I feel very badly about that and I want, in the end, not for her son’s memory to be seen as how we degraded our system and turned it into mob rule and went into a hate speech. Ultimately, we all wish that this was a different situation.’ ”

He also said that medical records will show that his brother did suffer a broken nose and cuts to the back of his head during the incident, despite video footage of him at the police department in which no bruises or cuts could be seen.

Zimmerman Jr. said the video of his brother was taken after George had been treated at the scene — which could explain why there are no “clear signs of injuries” on the tape.

Watch a clip from the interview below.