50 cent*It’s no secret that 50 Cent is a moneyman all about his business. So he’s keeping it strictly financial.

The rapper is trudging forward with his plans to become the all-powerful 50 Cent with the SmarterComics adaptation of “The 50th Law.”

The comic strip will begin with 50 as a young man when he was better known as Curtis Jackson who was focused and filled with dreams.

He was driven to make difference in his own life, but also recognized the ugliness of the world. As a kid, he figured that the only way to make the situation better was to be a hustler. And a hustler is exactly what he became.

But he eventually took his work ethic to the music industry and learned his lessons along the way.

The comic serves a double purpose: telling the 50 Cent story and offer some true keys to success.

“The 50th Law from SmarterComics” will be published on 10/10/2012. Full color with 80 pages. Paperback $14.95. Kindle $6.99. iPhone App $4.99.