*Black celebrities and hair is a big deal.

And not just with black women, but black men as well. How many times do we hear people say: “Man, he should just cut his hair or those braids just don’t fit him.”

The same goes for women, of course, who experiment with so many hairstyles that bloggers and writers are always ready to pounce and usually do.

Just think about how many times a weave is criticized on a celebrity. But braids are even more of a criticism. When is it time to quit them and when does it actually look good on you?

MadameNoire posted 7 black celebrities they feel pull off the look. Check out the first below:


Solange is taking it back with these long box box braids like those sported by Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice. The 1/2 inch box braid style is a perfect summer save. Quick tip: the extensions used in this braid style can be very heavy and sometimes even cause the natural hair to break, so be sure to leave the fine hair along the hairline out of the braids, as it is most sensitive. Other than that, you’re good to go!

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