r. kelly*Have you ever been in a car and that song comes on and you just want to do crazy things?


You know, that song you just love?

Whether it’s DMX’s “Party Up” and you want to do a 100 on the freeway; or if you have a partner with you, make out to R. Kelly’s “You Remind Me” while it’s playing.

We’ve all had those moments.

Well, our partner site MadameNoire, decided to come up with a list of 7 songs they think make us want to joy ride.

Here’s the first:

2. D’Angelo: “Cruisin’”

We gonna fly away, plan to go my way
I love it when we’re cruising together

When D’Angelo croons about cruising with his Boo, it sounds like he’s doing it already.  Cruising down the highway, taking his time, doing the equivalent of a vehicular slow drag with I-95 South … and all the while making you wish you were in the car with him.

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