black couple*Ever run into a man that you ended up liking but knew you can never bring him home to mom and dad?

Well, it isn’t that you can’t bring him home to mom or dad, but he’s the guy that all your friends told you about that will never work for a multitude of reasons.

Some of those guys are the serial cheaters, the unemployed ones and the momma’s boys.

Well, our partner site, Madame Noire, has provided us with one of these type of men in their list of 8 that we listed below.

Check it out:

The forever child
There is something refreshing about dating a bartender. A server. A messenger. The guy who drives the tour boat at your local harbor. They’re so stress free. When they get off work they are off work, so you get 110% of their attention. But if you encourage them to move forward with their career, you crush their ego. They only want you around when you let them pretend that everything is okay, and that they don’t need to take on any challenges. They want an enabler for their forever child lifestyle. It will break your heart when they start to make you feel like a Debbie downer for bringing up real life, when they used to look at you like a child looking at a fudge shop.

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