awkward black girl*Racism has not end it seems. (Yes, we’re surprised, too.)

Her’s another example: The creator of “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” Issa Rae, encountered some racist haters after winning the 2012 Shorty for Best Web Show.

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Last week, the series beat out 783 other online shows in the Shortys Awards, which celebrates the best in social media and online content. But the victory wasn’t without it’s negative repercussions.

One Twitter user called her a “n*ggerette,” while another posted, “I nominate @awkwardblkgrl for a @shortyawards in #cottonpicking.” Still another one stated, “Congrats on winning do you get 3/5 of an award?”

But the worse came from another user who posted, “#ThingsBetterThanAwkwardBlackGirl The smell coming from Treyvon Martin.”

But Issa responded quite calmly and sarcastically, saying that maybe people were upset because “many had traveled to and paid to attend the New York ceremony, ready to receive what was obviously due to them.”

She continued in a written statement saying, “The bewilderment that our show not only exists, but that it could actually be good is indicative of how mainstream media thinks,” Isaa wrote. “I’m pretty sure none of the people tweeting that I’d only get three-fifths of my award had even seen an episode of our show, but they were 100-percent positive that it couldn’t be as good as whatever it is someone who didn’t look like me produced.”

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