b o b at wjlb*Early Wednesday morning, rapper B.o.B. stopped by the FM98 WJLB studios in Detroit to kick it with “COCO, Foolish & Mr. Chase in the Morning” and he gave them the skinny on his upcoming album “Strange Clouds,” which hits stores May 1, according to the station’s Max Rosenhaus.

The Grand Hustle rapper also spit a crazy freestyle with COCO & Foolish, gave his thoughts on artists performing with dead musicians via hologram, and even talked a little about his love life.

The subject of Tupac, as a hologram, performing at Coachella came up, and B.o.B. said:

“I wish I could’ve seen it man, like you know really be there. But from what I’ve been hearing about it, it was the real deal.”

When Mr. Chase asked who he would want to do a hologram performance with, B.o.B. said Michael Jackson.

B.o.B. seemed very proud of his work when he talked about the album. He told the morning team:

“I outdid the first album, definitely. Hands down it’s better then the first album. But not only that, the important thing to me about it is that its organic and it really shows even more of my sound and what I bring to the table. And there’s nothing out there like it. There’s no project that’s gonna sound like Strange Clouds.”

“The album is dope on steroids”

B.o.B told us about some very unexpected guest appearances we will hear on the album, including a hip hop song with Taylor Swift and a skit with Morgan Freeman.

Check out the full interview here: