bill cosby*Bill Cosby recently spoke out on the Trayvon Martin case and said guns, not racism was responsible for the murder.

Cosby, whose son Enis died in 1997, understands what the Martin family is going through.

But instead of focusing on race, he wants to focus on the abundance of guns in urban communities and how these communities are getting their hands on them.

Frequent EURweb contributor Dr. Boyce Watkins feels that Cosby is right on one front, but wrong on the other in his most recent op-ed.

Check out this excerpt:

Bill Cosby is still kicking and ticking, speaking his mind, whether we want to hear it or not.  In a series of recent media appearances, Dr. Huxtable spoke on everything from the Trayvon Martin tragedy to the Obama presidency.  When Cosby talks, people listen, even when the poor man drones on and on and on like that long, dull movie that keeps going and going and going, seeming to never end, like this really long run on sentence that I am slowly typing onto this page right now (deep sigh).

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Bill Cosby, at least for the fact that he gives a damn about “us.”  I respect him for the same reasons that I respect my father.  Unlike the sperm donor responsible for my existence on this planet, my true father is the man who raised me into the awkward (and admittedly irritating) human being that I am today.  Both Cosby and my dad love to share old school perspectives that crinkle the foreheads of everyone around them.  Sometimes they might even say something wise.

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