lamar hurd
*Portland sportscaster Lamar Hurd is vying to become ABC’s first African American “Bachelor.”

For 16 seasons, the show has featured single white men or women selecting a mate from a pool of eligible applicants who compete for his or her love — and possibly a marriage proposal on the season finale.  On “The Bachelor” shows in particular, it gets a little catty in the house with nothing but women going after the same man. Crazy.

There are usually one or two people of color among the contestants competing for the final rose. But black women are usually eliminated early on.

Creator Mike Fleiss, however, said it was never his intention for the show to be so white.

“It’s just that for whatever reason, they don’t come forward. I wish they would,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Well, at least one person has come forward. If things work out, Lamar Hurd (pictured above) would be the first black bachelor on the show. Learn all about Lamar’s quest via the video below.

As we wait, one must beg the question, is America really ready to watch a bunch of white women scrap over a black man? And how will black women react to it?