scary spice (excercise)*Black women love going to the gym and staying in shape.

But they have huge concerns about their hair when they go there.

Many don’t even go when they have a new hairdo and wait until the new ‘do has worn off to go back.

For those who don’t know how to handle the gym and their hair, we have some help for you.

Our partner Madamenoire provided us with 4 tips on how to handle your hair if you’re going to the gym.

Here’s #1:

Natural – I wouldn’t suggest trying to keep your hair straight for a while, if you are consistently working out. Mini twists or flat twists would be great for the gym. It’s a cute style and when you get done, you can take the twists out and have cute, big fluffy curls. I really never understood why, for natural girls, hair was an excuse for not going to the gym??!

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