*Black women and hair are two of the most confusing things in this world for black men.

Many brothers straight fear touching a black woman’s hair. They are scared of numerous things happening.

They ask themselves: “Does she have a weave?” “Did she just get her hair done?” “Where can’t I touch it and where can I touch it?”

A lot of it is silly, but trust, many of us think about it.

Here are some do’s and dont’s from our partner site, MadameNoire, which found various black men with opinions on black women and their hair.

Here’s #1:

DON’T go Kool-Aid crazy with your color job. Nicki Minaj and her cakes can pull off rainbow colored hair but if you are considering a new hue for your strands, please limit your hair to realistic shades that can actually grow from your human scalp—and everywhere else on you body.

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