bobbi kristina brown*After the coroner released the final autopsy report, Whitney Houston’s surviving family is going on a (family) vacation to get away from it all.

According to Forbes’ Roger Friedman, Pat Houston, her husband Gary and Bobbi Kristina are going to Mexico for the Easter holiday.

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Since Whitney’s death, sources close to the family say everyone is worried about the 19 year old’s well-being because she’s been following the deadly path of her mother.

Other bits of drama have emerged as well, including allegations that Gary has tried to convince Bobbi to sign over her power of attorney to him. But it didn’t happen.

“Luckily, it was stopped,” says the source. “But Nick Gordon definitely wants his hands on Bobbi Kristina’s money.” Bobbi Kristina now stands as the sole heir to an estate that includes a devalued mansion for sale in New Jersey (now listed for $1.7 million).

But Whitney’s estate has improved in value since her death since album sales have increased.