Charles Barkley*Charles Barkley went in hard on former Laker, Lamar Odom after finding out that he is still being paid by the Dallas Mavericks.

After being traded to the Texas team and then being dismissed, the organization continues to pay Odom, perhaps out of his contract.

“I always pull for the players, but the fact that they’ve got to pay him I think is a joke,” Barkley said during his Wednesday appearance on ESPN Dallas 103.3’s Galloway & Co. “I mean, because he didn’t earn his salary. He didn’t earn it at all.

“I like Lamar as a person, but I’m disappointed about everything that happened in Dallas. And it’s a shame that the Mavs got to pay him, to be honest with you, because he doesn’t deserve to get paid for what he put out there this year. He doesn’t deserve it, plain and simple.”

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The Mavs finally had enough of Odom’s sulking, sorry effort and habitual tardiness and banished him from the team Sunday, less than 24 hours after a heated halftime confrontation where owner Mark Cuban questioning Odom’s commitment.

Meanwhile, one wonders if maybe Barkley’s a tad jealous because he never had the privilege.

At any rate, Khloe had her man’s back on the “Ellen” show and gracefully explained they won’t be back in Dallas.

“We’re sad that especially with the season almost over and we’re not able to finish the season with the Mavericks but it’s been such an amazing organization to be part of and to move to Dallas even though it was short, except for those tornadoes.”