"Chicagolicious" star AJ Johnson

*In June, Style network will premiere its African American answer to “Jerseylicious.”

From the same producers comes “Chicagolicious,” a reality series that follows Chicago’s famed celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist AJ Johnson and his nine-member team at AJ’s Salon, which counts Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson and Iman among its regulars.

“It’s just the lifestyle of a high end salon dealing with socialites, celebrities, athletes and very high end people in Chicago and making them look good,” he said of his show during a press day last week. “And it’s very entertaining.”

Throughout the 10-episode season, viewers will see Johnson and his staff style clients for red-carpet and fashion runway events, and also compete against rivals in the hair business – all as his PR person Jennifer Knuth looks for opportunities that will expand his business nationwide.

The show, premiering June 11 at 9 p.m., will also follow Johnson’s interaction with his employees. “We’re a very close knit family, so that’s where the really interesting thing is, how all these people are connected together,” he says. “We’re all from different parts of Chicago and different parts of the world, but I am like the chain link that holds them all together.”

As for comparisons to that other Endemol-produced series “Jerseylicious,” the two shows are like apples and oranges as far as AJ is concerned.

“First of all, we’re two different cities. I mean they’re East coast, it’s totally different right there, in style alone,” he says. “We’re not doing the really big hair and the really dramatic, heavy makeup. We don’t do that. Chicago’s a little bit more tasteful and a little classier.”

AJ says his team specializes in “Chicago-style hair and makeup.” He explains exactly what that means in the audio below.